As the voice and spirit of Bestial Mouths, Lynette Cerezo is a powerfully haunting figure. Across international stages and recordings, spellbinding performances take audiences through voidic visions.

From their inception in 2009, the core root of Bestial Mouths has combined Cerezo’s voice with myriad genre influences across the spectrum of goth, industrial, post-punk, New Wave, noise, metal, and other underground sounds using live acoustic and electronic drums and analog synthesizers. With a history in fashion design and gender activism, Cerezo’s visual and social aesthetics are interwoven deeply into Bestial Mouth’s presentation, building outward into captivating theatrical live performances.

Since 2018, Bestial Mouths has been the sole project of Cerezo, blossoming outward as a channel to explore deeply personal lyrics of self-stagnation and trauma. 2019’s INSHROUDSS EP was the first Bestial Mouths release entirely written and conceived by Cerezo. Detailing the past two years of her life, it is a profoundly personal release that brings Bestial Mouths’ journey full circle, and into new realms of darkness. The scrap metal, tribal drums and raging guitar of the project’s beginnings returns, amped up with snarling electronics and laced with field recordings captured during the writing process. The EP was released on the independent label RUNE & RUIN, which Cerezo formed together with friend and frequent collaborator Alison Lewis (Linea Aspera / Zanias / Fleisch Records).

Emerging from these tattered shrouds of trauma, the new Bestial Mouths LP RESURRECTEDINBLACK weaves a world riddled by grief and loss—a world of broken systems, of toxic lands once sacred, of lost saviors and inner voids.

While branching deeper into the searing industrialized electronics and imminently danceable darkwave of INSHROUDSS, RESURRECTEDINBLACK also continues to channel new and experimental paths through the project’s original gothic post-punk roots. Led by Cerezo’s visceral, emotional voice and lyrics, and featuring beautifully brutal production from Brant Showers (AAIMON / SØLVE) as well as Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus) and Balázs Képli (nullius in verba), it is the journey of a soul shattered, stapled back together by female rage and self- determination.

In their decade-plus existence, Bestial Mouths have worked with many acclaimed producers and artists. Zola Jesus, Mick Harvey, Egyptrixx, Boy Harsher, Die Krupps, Mater Suspiria Vision, Zanias, The Horrorist, and Ludovico Technique are just a few collaborators, while they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Psychic TV, Austra, Chelsea Wolfe, DAF, 3 Teeth, OAKE, Front Line Assembly, White Ring, Suicide Commando, David J, King Dude, Youth Code, Cut Hands and Light Asylum.

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