Hide Tepes

Hide Tepes [Adrian Kjøsnes] is a moduar synth performer known as keyboard player from the Floida based industrial act MissFit Toys and Norway`s Industrial Rock band Carrion.
After several years of activity in the electronic music scene, being part of a variety of different bands and projects Hide has now branched out and began experimenting with modular synthesis which developed into a full-length album under the moniker of From The Mouth Öv Belial as well as creating sample packs, providing remix services and most recently; Started up a Patreon site where he offers exclusive music along with behind the scenes content relating to all musical ventures.
Through the medium of the modular synth Hide conjures up  dark, rhytmic and highly atmospheric music by the twisting of knobs and cables plugged in or out of the ever evolving modular system. Each performance is unique and celebrates the impernenance and flaws too often polished to sterile perfection in the digital era.
Instagram: @ Mordsengel
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