Artist Collective

Sonic Propaganda + Optic Void are inviting you to be part of The Dark Circus’ first grand streaming event at 8pm on September 29th 2020 HERE

The Dark Circus is for the originators of all things unique, eccentric, bizarre, uncomfortable, unfamiliar and offensively beautiful…

This streaming event will be an art production like no other, bringing strange exotic pleasures to the viewer.

Delectably curated by OPTIC VOID (Maria Alekseev) and engineered by Sonic Propaganda (DJ Alex Assimilate)

This live art film will expose you to a multitude of visual and musical creatives:

🎧🎨 OPTIC VOID – Maria Alekseev
🎧 Alex AssimilateSonic Propaganda
🎧 Daskreestof – Spite Club! + STIMULATE
🎧 Xris SMackSTIMULATE + Mindswerve Studios, NYC
🎤 Adrian Halo – Machines with Human Skin
🎤 Stella Mandala
⭐️ Tryst La Noir
⭐️ Alaska (Jesse LostBoy)
⭐️ Rufio (Leona Beretta)
⭐️ Blaze (Karlyn Ivy Blaze)
⭐️ Ravena Rose
⭐️ Flora Brute

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