The Dark Circus X – Artist Collective – Video Archive

Video of full performance Performance video for OPTIC VOID (MARIA ALEKSEEV) Performance video for ALEX_ASSIMILATE – DJ segment Performance video for DASKREESTOF – DJ segment Performance video for BLAZE – Performance segment Performance video for FLORA BRUTE – Performance segment Performance video for LEONA “RUFIO” BERETTA – Fire performance segment Performance video for LOLA STRANGE  – Performance segment Performance video for LOSTBOY – … Read moreThe Dark Circus X – Artist Collective – Video Archive


Ivy Blaze

Links: Instagram + Facebook  Highlight from The Dark Circus X : Drink Me:

Artist Collective

Sonic Propaganda + Optic Void are inviting you to be part of The Dark Circus’ first grand streaming event at 8pm on September 29th 2020 HERE The Dark Circus is for the originators of all things unique, eccentric, bizarre, uncomfortable, unfamiliar and offensively beautiful… This streaming event will be an art production like no other, … Read moreArtist Collective

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